Daily WOD-082314

Warm Up: 6 Rounds 

:30 Dead Bugs- Lay flat on your back with arms and legs extended straight up. The legs must be able to be fully extended. If your hamstrings are tight, leave your legs down a bit ( a matter of inches) but still extended out. You should have a nice long midsection with the small of your back flat on the ground and your head on the ground with the your chin close to making a double chin. 

Lower your right arm and left leg (take 3-5 seconds down). Once you return to the top, do the other side. Do this for :30 or 4 each side. 

6 Inch Worms- Hands Only- Standing tall bend at the hips, with legs locked out. Walk your hands out until you are in push up position. Then continue your hands above your head until you are as far out as you can manage. Ideally your nose would be just above the floor but be careful. Return to the top.


MetCon: 3 Rounds/Rest 1:00/2 Rounds/Rest 1:00/1Round

3 box jumps (30”)

15 Shoulder to Overhead (75#)