Community WOD-082414

Until the business gets up and going we will have a few "community" workouts where friends from all over can meet up at a local park and have a little fun! Today we met at Spotts Park over off of Memorial Drive and Waugh!

MetCon: 18:00 AMRAP

In teams of 2, complete as many rounds as possible in 18:00 of

10 Slam Balls (35#/25#)

20m Uphill Bear Crawl

10 Chest to Ground Push Ups

While 1 partner is moving through these movements, partner 2 will be running what came out to be about 500-600m (the middle loop for those familiar with the park). Once the run is completed, the he/she will pick up where their partner leaves off on the movements. Continue this rotation for 18:00. Your score will be the number of completed rounds.