Daily WOD- 092514

This morning we met at Memorial Park to cover the Single Arm Kb Snatch. There's a competition coming up in two weeks and a few friends have been a bit nervous about this movement so we met to settle them down and show them it was no big deal at all (I say "them" because it was supposed to be "them" but it ended up being her. At least one of the hers showed up! :) ). 

Warm Up: 20 Slam Balls (20#)

Clinic: Single Arm Kb Snatch

 - Single Arm Swings (26#)  2x6 

 -Single Arm High Pulls (26#) 2x3

 -Single Arm Snatch (26#) 2x3/(35#) 2x3/ 3x1 (44#)/ 1x2 (44#)

Conditioning: 4 RFT

120m Run

10m OH Kb Walking Lunge Right Arm (44#/35#)

10m OH Kb Walking Lunge Left Arm

10 Kb Swings