I look forward to life being restored to some level of normalcy this week. Between the traveling, the food, the rainy weather and the days off from work, I have either not seen you often enough or missed you entirely. 

This week will hit a 3 week conditioning focused program. Some days will offer 2 conditioning workouts in one day, others will disguise strength clinics as short duration workouts, and, on occasion, we will get outside of our 8-12 minute wheelhouse and open up a 30 minute workout (but not often, don't you worry). 

Focusing on conditioning will do a few things for us. First, it will get us out of that nasty holiday, chubby, pie based funk. Secondly, it will get us in better shape, as conditioning often does. But the 3rd reason is less obvious and is something John Welbourn of Power Athlete HQ talks about on his podcast. Coming out of a condoning heavy cycle often sets us up to see some pretty great progress in strength during the following cycle. We will see if this holds true! 


Warm Up: 2 Rounds

250m Row

Spiderman Crawl with Elbow Drop

10 Air Squats

Step Toe Touch

5 Push Ups

Walking Lunge w/ Twist

Bear Crawl


MetCon1: 5:00 EMOM

15 Russian Kb Swings

ME Burpees with remaining time in the 5th minute


MetCon2: 10:00 AMRAP

5 Bent Over Rows (135#/95#)

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats