The 5 Week Weightlifting program kicks off tonight! The session begins at 6pm and end at 8pm. Ideally you will arrive at 6 but this is simply a two hour window in which you will get your work done. If you are late in the future then you are still welcome to come, just work quickly and know the last lifts will be done prior to 8pm.


The nutrition challenges kick off today as well! Before photos, weigh ins and measurements will be done whenever you and your coach are free. Adrianna is often there in the early hours, Oralia there at 8:30am and in the evenings, and myself there anytime you need me. 


And FIT101 meets at 8:30am, 5:45pm and 6:30pm! 


Strength: 30:00 to Establish a 2RM Front Squat


MetCon: 10:00 AMRAP

16 Shoulder to Overhead (95#/65#)

8 Pull Ups