The holidays have passed and the world is right again. We are back on our regular schedule and life is good.  


This week we are recruiting all who are interested to join our 5 Week Fit101 Boot Camp that begins next Monday! The first week is a no obligation trial and then they will have 15 more classes for just $55 of they choose to join!


The Savage Body And Mind Challenge is right around the corner as well! On January 16th at 9am we will host a nutrition seminar for those who have joined is in the past few months. It will lead into an intro week to the challenge that will allow new participants to get their bearings. 


And then on January 23rd we will hand out the packers for week one of the challenge. We will be dealing in calories, in macros and in pulling our heads out of our asses. And at the end of the 5 weeks we will be dealing in a new body and maybe even a new life!


MetCon: 4 Rft

100 Double Unders

50 Sit Ups

25 Slam Balls (25#/20#) 

12 HSPU or 2 Wall Climbs + 10 Push Ups