The Script: Tuesday 4/12


The Warm Up: 8:00                (10:00)

Back Corner Run

And then, Rounds of 

10 EB Deadlift

10 Bar Hops

10/7 Push Ups

5 Tuck Jumps


The Strength: Deadlift 2 Rep Max         (30:00)


The Conditioning: 4 RFT                (20:00)

200m Run

2 Lap Farmers Cary (70#/53#)

200m run

1 Lap Bear Crawl

-1 Lap equals down and back in the gym. Leave space from the door to the starting line and from the end line to the back wall. Place cones to mark the end lines. Have them go around the cones. 


The Extra Work: 

5x ME Strict Pull Ups

5x15 Hollow Rocks