The Script: Tuesday 4/5

The Warm Up:                                         

400m Run                                         

And then, 10-8-6-4-2                                    

EB Front Squats

Bear Crawl to Wall

In Step Stretch/Step Toe Touch/Inch Worm/Lunge Back (1 per round)


The Strength: Front Squat 1 Rep Max                          


The Conditioning: 

100 Heavy Slam Balls (35#/25#)

EMOM: 5/3 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (possibly one muscle up here)


SCALING: Pull Ups are scaled with 5 burpees in this workout. No ring rows and definitely no banded pull ups. 


The pull ups/burpees are meant to take time. They should not have 50 seconds with the slam ball. Ideally they begin to slow down in the 3rd or 4th so they are only on the slam ball for 30-40 seconds. The goal is to have them working for 7-10 minutes averaging 10-14 Slam Balls per round. 


The Extra Work: 

Plank Hold Plate Slides 3x15-20


Hold the plank position at the top of your push ups (on your hands). Slide a 5 pound plate from underneath your left pec, across your body to underneath your right pec using your right arm (opposite arm for opposite side). Repeat for 15-20 slides (each way counts as a rep).