Workouts for the Week (Nov. 13-Nov. 18th)

The Script: Happy Shoulders (Monday 111317)

The Warm Up: (12:00 co)

300m Row/Pinball Run/15 Burpees

1 Wall Climb w/ 3 Count Hold

Bear Crawl across CF Mats

5/3 Strict Pull Ups

15 Banded Face Pulls 


The Mobility:  (4:30)

:90 p/ Side Twisted Cross

:60 Downward Dog

:90 per Side Thread the Needle

:30 Downward Dog


The Prep: (4:00)

Small Plate Raises and Circles 


The Conditioning: 4 RFT (21:00 co)


Shoulder to Overhead (155/105+ type weight)

Strict Pull Ups (SUB: Ring Rows or Jumping Pull Ups)

Then, Redwing Sprint

REST 1:00


The Extra Work: 4x

Max Effort Tricep Push Ups

20 Shoulder Taps

6-10 Evil Wheels or 10 V-Ups (from Hollow Hold Position If Possible)



The Script: Heavy Legs (Tuesday 111417)

The Warm Up: (10:00 co)

Redwing Run,

Then 3x

10 Goblet Squats (53#/35#)

5 Burpees

15 Russian Swings

5 Burpees

20 Double Under (or 1:00 ME for those who struggle)


The Mobility: (5:00)

:75 per Side Super Couch

:75 per Side Pigeon Stretch


The Strength: Front Squats (25:00)

15:00 to Work Up To a Heavy (NOT Rep Max) 5

Then, subtracting weight each set if necessary



5:00 for Setup and Specific Warm Up

-Grab Working Weight KB and Plate

-10 Swings +10 Lunges 2x

-Let’s Roll


The Conditioning: 10:00 AMRAP

12 Russian Swings

18 Jumping Lunges

25 Russian Twists (45#/25#)

-1 Round = 55 pts


The Script: Long & Lean (Wednesday 111517)

The Warm Up: (6:00)

Redwing Run

20 Burpees


The Stamina: 500m Row +400m Run


The Strength: Tempo Deadlifts + Seated Box Jumps


-On Coaches Command

-3 Count Down, FAP Up, Hold until the middle is ready


For the Box Jumps

-5s and 3s

-Sit at parallel (green boxes and/or plates)


The Conditioning: For Time (15:00 co)

200 Double Unders (300 Singles)

150 Sit Ups

100 Double Unders (200 Singles)

EVERY 2:00, Taco Run


The Script: Double The Fun (Thursday 111617)

The Warm Up:

500m Row/250m Row in the 2nd

20 Air Squats

10/7 Strict Pull Ups

400m Run/Pinball Run in the 2nd

20 Push Ups

10 V- Ups


The Conditioning #1: For Time (12:00 co)

1,000m Row

50 Wall Balls

500m Row

50 Wall Balls


-3:00 BREAL-


The Conditioning #2: For Time (12:00 co)

800m Run


400m Run



The Script: TGIF (Friday 111717)

The Warm Up: 

Redwing Run


5 Push Ups w/ Shoulder Taps

10 Box Jumps (Low)

5/3 Strict Pull Ups


The Conditioning #1: 6 RFT (12:00 co)

Pinball Run

Burpee Broad Jump Down

Bear Crawl Out


The Conditioning #2: 

3 Toes to Bar

2 Pull Ups

1 Muscle Ups

6 Tall Box Jumps

8 Chest Slapping Push Ups

Taco Run


The Script: Weekend Fire Starter (Saturday 111817)

The Warm Up: 

Redwing Run


Fun and Games


The Conditioning: Heavy Grace Grab Bag

30 Clean & Jerk (155#/105#)

EVERY 3:00: Activity Drawn from the Hat (no repeats)

-Redwing Run

-30 Sit Ups

-12 Lateral Bar Burpees

-10 Front Squats 

-40 Russian Twists (25#)

-:60 Plank