Workouts for the Week of Thanksgiving!!!

Regular schedule Monday through Wednesday.

NO CLASS Thursday!

Friday we are here at 8am and 9am. At 6pm You are all invited to our annual Thanksgiving Potluck. We will come together to celebrate together. For some it is a chance to spend time with good people. Maybe they are away from home for work. And for others it might be a break from their family. No matter what, we are here. Bring a dish or some beer and have a great time!

Regular schedule Saturday with class at 8am and 9am and a HERO WOD at 10am.

Open Gym on Sunday from 10am to Noon with class at 10:30am. 


The Script: Monday (112017)

The Warm Up: Redwing Run

15 Kb Swings

15 Sit Ups

Pinball run (Leg Out the Sidewalk)


The Strength: Swing Sprint


The Conditioning: For Time

800m Run

25 Front Squats 

Clio St. Run

25 Bar Burpees

Coronado St. Run

25 Deadlifts 


The Extra Work: 3-5x

10-15 Lying Hamstring Curls

10 Goblet Box Squats

ME Strict Pull Ups OR Tempo Ring Rows (3 Count Lower, Fast Up)


The Script: Tuesday (112117)

The Warm Up: 2 Rounds

Redwing Run

Then, 2 Rounds of “Cindy”

5 Pull Ups 

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats


The Stability: Tabata

Hollows & Arches


The Conditioning: 4 RFT

15 Push Press (115#/75#)

30 Double Under

15 Pull Ups

30 Russian Twists


The Extra Work: 3-5x

Banded Pull Aparts

DB Z Press


The Script: Wednesday (112217)

The Warm Up: 4x

Pinball Run

10 Plate Ground to Overhead 

10 Overhead Lunges

7/5 Strict Pull Ups


The Strength: Power Clean + Hang Power Clean


The Conditioning: “Midway Madness”


Hang Power Clean 

Front Rack Lunges

Suitcase Carry Down (70#/53#)


The Extra Work:

ME Diamond Push Ups

ME Hand Release Push Ups

20-30 Alternating DB Curl


The Script: Thursday (112317)

Thanksgiving Day- NO CLASS!!!


The Script: Friday (112417)

The Warm Up: 2 Rounds

400m Run


10 Jumping Squats

8 Push Ups


The Conditioning: 4x :60 p/ Station w/ :15 Transition

Wall Balls

Calorie Row

Slam Balls

Pinball Run/Pinball Run/Taco/Short Corner 


The Strength: Back Squat 3 RM


The Extra Work: 

Barbell DLBS

ME Curls (Max 20)


The Script: Saturday (112517)

The Warm Up: 3x

Pinball Run

10 Single Arm DB Curl & Press

10 Single Arm DB Curl & Press

5 Burpees

10 HR Push Ups


The Conditioning: “Dumbbell Funbell”


20 Alternating DB Snatch

10 Burpee Box Jumps

20 Single Arm Renegade Rows (10 R/10 L)

400m Run