Workouts for the week of 121817

REGULAR SCHEDULE THIS WEEK THROUGH SUNDAY. Next Monday, Christmas day, we will be closed. Tuesday the 26th we will be back open with a full day of classes. Then regular schedule until New Years Day which will see an 8am and 9am class only. Back to it the next day again. 

Monday (121817)

WU: 3x

500m Row Once and Redwing Run the other 2


10 Goblet Squats

5 Burpees

5/3 Strict Pull Ups or Ring Rows


The Strength: Teams of 2 or 3 (Player one completes task before player 2 starts)


250m Row

10 Unbroken Front Squats (135#/95#)

-Allot 12:00 for this once it begins 


The Conditioning: 9:00 AMRAP

3-2-1 Heavy Ass Power Cleans (HAP)

3 HSPU (Deficit if Possible)




Tuesday (121917)

WU: 3x

Pinball Run

5 Kipping Swings 

10 DB Clean and Press

10 DB Front Squats

20 Jump Rope


The Conditioning: 5 RFT

400m Run

20 Kb Swings

15 Toes to Bar

30 Wall Balls

15 Pull Ups 

50 Double Unders




Wednesday (122017)

WU: Redwing Run

And Then, 

10 EB Back Squats 

Burpee Broad Jump Down

In Step Stretch Back 


The Strength: Superset

7 Back Squat 

6 Tall Box Jumps

5/3 Strict Pull Ups 

1:00 REST

-Collect 7 Sets Including first weighted warm up set (your 3rd set should be ~65%)


The Conditioning: For Time (10:00 Cap)

100 OH Plate Step Ups for Time (20”)

EMOM: 3 Burpee Box Jumps 




Thursday (122117)



The Conditioning: 

500m Row

50 Single Arm DB Thrusters 

20/14 Cal Bike

50 Single Arm Push Press

Redwing Run


The Mandatory Extra Work: Empty Barbell


10 Upright Rows

10 Front Raises

10 Strict Press

30 Sit Ups 




Friday (122217)


Redwing Run

3 Rounds of “Cindy”

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats


The Conditioning: 20:00 AMRAP

400m Run

2 Rounds 

Bear Crawl Down & Back 

12 Goblet Squats 

9 Burpees 



Saturday (122317)

The Conditioning: “12 Days of The Black Wolf Christmas”

1 Clean (155#/105#)

2 Burpee Box Jumps (30”/24”)

3 Thrusters

4 Chest to Bar Pull Ups


6 Hang Power Cleans

7 Toes to Bar

8 Box Jumps

9 Kb Swings (70”/53”)

10 Deadlifts 

11 Cal Bike

12 Shoulder to Overhead