The Script: Monday 120417

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I hope your weekend was fantastic. It was great to see those of you who came by today for the 10:30am class. For those that might not know, we are here on Sundays with Open Gym from 10am to Noon AND we have a class at 10:30am. 

Check out this video of the movement demos for today's (Monday's) workout. 


The Script: Monday 120417

The Warm Up: 3 Rounds

Pinball Run

1 Wall Climb

12 Slam Balls

24 Double Under


The Strength: Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

-AKA Hang Snatch


The Conditioning: 12:00 AMRAP

12 Air Squats

9 Pull Ups

6 Burpees


The Extra Work: 3-5x

15 Band Pull Aparts

7-12 DB Z-Press