This Week's Workouts (Week of 112618)

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Cecilia is a picture of consistency. This woman shows up and puts in the work. Be like Cecilia!

Cecilia is a picture of consistency. This woman shows up and puts in the work. Be like Cecilia!

The Script: Monday 112618

The Strength: Back Squat 3 RM

-30:00 (Hard Stop) to establish a 3 rep max in the back squat 

The Conditioning: Death by Bear Crawl 

EMOM increase bear crawl by one length (12’)

-If an athlete taps out at or before 3, they will complete 1 length every minute through 7 on the clock. 

The Script: Tuesday 112718

The Conditioning #1: 

Deadlift Sprint 

Every 2:00 

1:00 to Complete

7 Deadlifts T&G (275#/185#)

3 Point Shuttle (finish running through the concrete) 

The Conditioning #2: 

100 Wall Balls For Time

EMOM: 3 Burpees 

The Script: Wednesday 112818

The Conditioning: 

Redwing Run


8 Toes to Bar 

16 Russian Twists 

And Then, Redwing Run


8 T2B

16 R Twists

And Then, Redwing Run

8 T2B

16 R Twists 

The Strength: Superset

Strict Press x7 (2 Count Tempo Descent) 

DB Lateral Raises 

DB Curls 

Rest 2:00 

The Script: Thursday 112918

The Conditioning: For time (Steady Eddie Pace)

15 Cal Bike 

3 Rope Climbs

3 Turkish Get Ups p/ Arm (alternate)

12 Cal Bike (Sub 250m Row for Large Classes) 

2 Rope Climbs

2 Turkish Get Ups p/ Arm 

9 Cal Bike 

1 Rope Climbs

1 Turkish Get Up p/ Arm

The Script: Friday 113018

4 RFT 

2 Muscle Up 

3 Hang Cleans (225#/135#)

4 Handstand Push Ups 

5 Bar Burpees 

Then, 5:00 After Completing the Workout

400m Heavy Carry (70#/53#)

-1 KB per athlete

- Carry by any means necessary

- KB must be off the ground when moving

The Script: Saturday 120118

The Conditioning: 16:00 AMRAP 

20 DB Snatch 

20 Sit Ups 

20 Box Jumps 

Redwing Run