The Script: Workouts for the Week 081918

The Script: Monday 082018

Sign up for the 2018 Fall Team Nutrition Challenge opens today! Spots are limited and only 10 athletes will be on each team so get signed up today. The cost is $30 per athlete. For those that have experience with challenges in the past are invited to sign up for the more intensive, macro counting/nutrient timing based challenge for $75 (there are no “cheat days” on this challenge. You are all in for the duration of the challenge and beyond because this is real life). Sign up here! 

The Warm Up: 

Redwing Run

And then, 3x

10 Hvy Wall Balls 

Burpee Broad Jump Down

Bear Crawl Back 


The Strength: Back Squat 4x8 at 65-70%


The Conditioning: 8:00 AMRAP


Plate G2OH (45#/25#)

OH Lunges 

Bear Crawl D&B



The Script: Tuesday 082118

The Warm Up: 3 Rounds

15 Oh Kb Swings

10 Push Ups 

5/3 Strict Pull Ups 

Taco Loop Run


The Strength: Power Clean & Push Jerk 


The Conditioning: 6 RFT

5 Strict Pull Ups (3 Jumping 3 Count Negatives)

4 Deadlift (275#/185#)

3 Strict HSPU  



The Script: Wednesday 082218

The Warm Up: 

Redwing Run


30 Jump Rope 

10 J Squats 

10 Straight Leg Sit Ups 

10 Kipping Swings 

And Then, 

Redwing Run


The Conditioning: For Time (30:00 co)

250 Double Unders (5:00)

100 Wall Balls (17:00)

40 Toes to Bar (24:00)

20 Burpees (30:00)

Every 5:00: Redwing Run



The Script: Thursday 082318

The Conditioning: 18:00 AMRAP

500m Row

And then, AMRAP 

2 Turkish Get Ups 

2 Rope Climbs 

15 Box Jumps (24”/20”)



The Script: Friday 082418

The Warm Up: 

Redwing Run 

20 Burpees 


The Conditioning: For Time


Bear Complex (135#/95#)

Redwing Run