Sunday (072416)

Open Gym from 10am to Noon with myself and Nikolle. Come in and make up a missed workout or practice something you've learned recently.  Heres a suggested workout:


Open Gym Workout

The Skill: Collect as many Double Unders as possible in 5:00 (or 500 for time).


The Conditioning: 4 RFT

21 Calorie Row

15 Overhead Squats (95#/75#)

9 Pull Ups

-Overhead Squats: if you are not familiar with the overhead squat then sub front squats. Use a weight that allows 15 in a row but only if you nail it. Do not be afraid to use a weight that requires a set of 10 and then a set of 5.


-Pull Ups: Sub 3 sets of 3 Jumping Pull Ups per round. I want you to let go of the bar entirely, even if just briefly. Also, squeeze at the top of the movement as best you can when your chin is over the bar.

The years have passed too quickly (Friday 6/3)

The Script: Friday 6/3

The Warm Up: 5:00 EMOM        (5:00)

10 Slam Balls (35#/25#)

5 Burpees


The Conditioning: “Grace”

30 Power Clean & Jerks (135#/95#)


The Strength: 20:00 to Establish a Heavy Front Squat Double

Crossed the deserts bare, man (#romwodThursday 6/2)

The Script: Thursday 6/2

The Warm Up: 4 Rounds

10 Wall Balls

10 Wall Ball Russian Twists

10 Wall Ball Sit Ups

10 Step Ups


The Conditioning: 

Wall Balls (20#/14#)     40    10    20    30

Russian Twists (25#)     30    40    10    20

Box Jumps (24”/20”)    20    30    40    10

Sit Ups                            10    20    30    40




The Script: Monday 4/25

The Warm Up: 9:00

150m Row

25 Double Unders/10 Attempts

15 Straight Leg Sit Ups

10 Air Squats

5/3 Strict Pull Ups

Hold the Bottom of your Air Squat until a Rower opens up for you


The Stamina: (20:00)

3:00 to Complete Fence Post Run

Rest 1:00

At 4:00 on the Clock, Row 500m


The Conditioning: For Time (15:00)

200m Run

10 Clean & Jerk (135#/95#)

50 Double Unders/100 Single Unders

5 Clean & Jerk

200m Run

8 Clean & Jerk

40 Double Unders/80 Single Unders

4 Clean & Jerk

200m Run

6 Clean & Jerk

30 Double Unders/60 Single Unders

3 Clean & Jerk


The Extra Work: 

4x10 Strict Toes to Bar/Leg Raises (do not go unbroken if quality suffers)

4x10 Diamond/Close Grip Push Ups


The Script: Tuesday 4/12


The Warm Up: 8:00                (10:00)

Back Corner Run

And then, Rounds of 

10 EB Deadlift

10 Bar Hops

10/7 Push Ups

5 Tuck Jumps


The Strength: Deadlift 2 Rep Max         (30:00)


The Conditioning: 4 RFT                (20:00)

200m Run

2 Lap Farmers Cary (70#/53#)

200m run

1 Lap Bear Crawl

-1 Lap equals down and back in the gym. Leave space from the door to the starting line and from the end line to the back wall. Place cones to mark the end lines. Have them go around the cones. 


The Extra Work: 

5x ME Strict Pull Ups

5x15 Hollow Rocks