A Note From Your Airrosti CRS, Cera!

Cera and Megan are two awesome Certified Recovery Specialists form Airrosti!

We were lucky to have 2 awesome Certified Recovery Specialists from Airrosti, Cera and Megan, come by during our May First Saturday Event. They ran a foam rolling/mobility clinic after both classes and they were available to answer any and all questions our visitors had. Cera sent me a note about what she wanted y’all to know and I figured the blog was more accessible than an email you may or may not read all the way through. Enjoy!

“If anyone has questions or concerns about what we covered or specific pain they’re dealing with, they can reach out to me directly via email at [email protected]

Even if you want an injury checked out but are hesitant about our cost and process, we do something called a “Worry-Free Evaluation” where you’ll meet with the doctor for an in-office evaluation and we won’t charge for the visit (we only charge if we actually treat using manual therapy). Megan and I work in the same office and it is off of Edloe and 59, but there are 36 locations throughout the greater Houston region, so if you want more information about what Airrosti is, what we offer, and where we’re at, you can visit www.airrosti.com!”


Take advantage of that Worry-Free Evaluation. We know that we need to be active. But as we become more active, we need to make sure we are taking steps to both proactively and reactively address mobility issues. Airrosti has a gigantic network of people who want to help you do that.

I look forward to working with Cera, Megan, and Airrosti again in the future.

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