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Black Wolf CrossFit was founded in 2014 with the intent to improve the lives of every person who walks through our doors regardless of their background or circumstances. Over the years this community has grown out of its original location in Houston’s Lindale Park and into its new 10,000 square foot building on the eastern edge of the historic Heights neighborhood.

We have worked with every type of athlete, from those getting off the couch for the first time, to those who run 100s of miles a week for fun. We have 20-year-olds working out next to 60-year-olds and we celebrate the progress of everyone.

Our purpose is to give you the opportunity to live the best life possible. We do that by putting you through great workouts, helping you learn how to eat better, introducing you to amazing people, and encouraging you to demand more from life.

We look forward to adding to this story in the many years to come.

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Ben Jocz
Ben Jocz
Ben is the Owner and Founder of Black Wolf CrossFit. He brings 6 years of CrossFit leadership experience that involves an undeniable passion for helping people bring out the best in themselves.  Ben is CrossFit L1, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Kids, and Precision Nutrition Certified.
Joel Cardenas
Joel Cardenas
Joel is a Head Coach at Black Wolf CrossFit, joining the team in May of 2016. Joel learned about CrossFit in 2013 when he saw Rich Froning’s face all over the fitness industry. After learning more about Rich and his high level of functional fitness, Joel began tailoring his fitness endeavors to mirror that of a functional bodybuilding/CrossFit hybrid and he has been hooked ever since. In addition to his CrossFit fitness experience, Joel has a background in dance (he can totally spin on his head!) and he can often be found making a class more fun by dancing around the gym. Joel is CrossFit L1 certified.
Nikolle Setley
Nikolle Setley
Nikolle is a Head Coach at Black Wolf CrossFit, joining the team in June of 2016. Nikolle found the bodybuilding world in college in 2010 while while working at Gold’s Gym and fell in love with the fitness industry. CrossFit’s popularity intensified shortly thereafter and she made the transition to a more functional Strength and Conditioning program and eventually moved over to CrossFit as her main focus. Even with Nikolle’s love of CrossFit, you can still find her chasing the pump outside of your regularly scheduled CrossFit classes at Black Wolf. Nikolle is CrossFit L1 certified.

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