Logistics of the 2023 Open at Black Wolf

Friday Night Lights 2022 Open 22.1

Week 1 has arrived and Cate has created a great event for us over the next 3 weeks! Below is the business side of things, the steps we will take to guarantee the smoothest possible experience.

Workouts will be announced Thursdays with the time varying based on the broadcast location (they are starting in Spain). 

Link for announcement schedule

Once the workout is announced, team captains will be asked to submit their lineup cards by noon on Friday. Captains will note whether the athlete is completing the workout on Friday night and in which division (Rx or Scaled).


If an athlete is unable to come on Friday night for the week, the captain will coordinate with Cate when the athlete will be completing the workout and who will be counting for them. We are happy to help out with this, but just like every year, it requires communication so we can create the best experience for your workout.


On Friday night, check in will begin at 6pm with he brief taking place at 6:30pm. Athletes will not know whether they are in the first heat and heat 1 will start promptly at 6:45pm so using the time from 6-6:30 to stretch and warm up is important. 

Again, if an athlete is coming on Friday night but unable to make it by the start time, their Captain is responsible for filling that athlete place when it comes time to count for someone else. 

On average, the even finished around 8:30 or 9 most Fridays. This is dependent upon the length of the workout that HQ announces as well as the equipment demand. 

Athletes will count for athletes two heats ahead of them. Heat 3 counts for Heat 1, Heat 4 cents for Heat 2, Heat 1 counts for Heat 3 and Heat 2 counts for Heat 4. So on and so forth. 

Scores will be recorded on the whiteboard and then the points total will be added to the Team Leaderboard. 

The Open is three weeks long. After the 3rd Friday night event is complete, we will have a closing ceremonies and a potluck with the protein catered and y’all bringing some sides and drinks. 

*If athletes are signed up for the Worldwide Leaderboard at Games.CrossFit.com, scores must be submitted as soon as possible so I am able to verify them before Tuesday night. Signing up for the Worldwide Leaderboard is separate from the Open at Black Wolf event we are running. 

If you would still like to jump onto a team for the 2023 Open at Black Wolf, you are able to sign up. You have missed the deadline for the shirts but you’ll be eligible for prizes as well as the catered potluck after week 3.