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Because we are an interactive community, we will also hold our athletes to a certain standard. The non-negotiables we ask of you are:

Arrive on time. This allows you to check in, get settled, warm up, and be ready to make the most of your hour with us. It also ensures the rest of the class goes uninterrupted and we meet our standard of starting and ending on time.

Check your ego at the door. We all have bad days but a bad attitude can ruin a whole class for you and those around you. Leave your day at the door and come in ready to learn, push yourself, and support others.

Respect the coaches. We are here to help you not only be better, but feel better. We are here to provide a top-notch service. We cannot do that if you aren’t interested in listening to instruction or you wander off in the middle of a briefing. The best classes are those where the athletes listen and take instruction effectively.

Respect others. Be nice, say hello, and do not put your equipment away until the last person has finished the work out. Stick around and cheer them on!

Respect the gym. Please make sure you put your equipment away, wipe things down and pick up after your children or dogs.

Kids and Puppies. If you bring children, we just ask that they are well behaved. They must stay on the couch and are never allowed on the gym floor or any equipment. If you bring your pup, please make sure you clean up after them. Dog poop, water bowls, and kettlebells all need to be put away at the end of your class time.

Sign into class on Zen Planner upon arriving to Black Wolf (after reserving at home!). This ensures all memberships are up-to-date and we stay aware of class size.

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