Attack of the Apps

Beyond The Whiteboard App 

Download for Android oriPhone

We use the Beyond the Whiteboard App to record our workout results and see our progress overtime. The app will keep track of how many reps you’ve done of each movement, how much weight you’ve moved, how far you have run, rowed, and biked and it will celebrate with you every time you reach a new checkpoint. 

It also celebrates your progress when we repeat workouts and your new results beat your old results. 

Beyond the Whiteboard is complimentary to Black Wolf Athletes. You will receive an email with the code or send me an email if you need it again. [email protected]

However, athletes who do not use the service for more than 30 days will be removed. You can hop right back in if you are ready to use the service again with the same information above. 


Download for Android or iPhone

This is where you will maintain your membership and check into/reserve your spot in classes. 

Signing into class is required and being able to do that via your phone makes it much easier (though it’s not super hard to use the tablet that is provided at the gym). 

You are also able to change your billing information via the app and register for upcoming events.