Getting Started: Which path is right for you?

Black Wolf offers 2 fitness tracks along with a comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle program and everything we offer is meant to give you confidence that you are able to reach your goals.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, look better naked, or just gain more confidence, we want to put you in the position to get it done.


Our personal training track places you in the perfect position to pursue your unique goals. Your workouts will be designed specifically for what you are hoping to achieve and the conversations we have will be private and able to address any and all concerns you might have.

Sessions are 45 minutes and meet at times that work for you and your personal coach.

Personal training athletes utilize their private training to achieve their unique goals as well as to prepare them to jump into our group classes.

  • When is Personal Training Right for You:
    • When you have a unique goal you want to achieve
    • When you do not yet feel confident working out
    • When you have an injury or special circumstance (ex. Pregnancy) that requires intentional workout considerations


Our group classes are at the core of what we have been doing since 2014. Group combines the intentional workout design of our personal training program while adding the benefit of surrounding you with other awesome people who want to be better.

Group classes are one hour in length and are led start to finish by our amazing coaches.

Although you are working out in a group, your coach is still able to make changes to the workouts to better suit your needs. The level of individual detail is not possible in group so if your goals are very specific then personal training may be a better option.

However, if your goals are to get moving, to feel better, and to meet great people, there is no better place than being in one of our classes.

  • When are Group Classes Right for You:
    • When you feel comfortable moving your body in workouts
    • When your goal is to move more and get stronger
    • When you know you benefit from having the energy and support of others around you during challenging workouts


Simply, the Nutrition & Lifestyle program is meant to eliminate the confusion about how you ought to be eating and what lifestyle habits are actually worth investing in.

There is too much noise surrounding nutrition and lifestyle (and fitness) because everyone wants to sell you something and reminding you that these things are simple (that does not mean easy) is not the best way to charge you way too much money.

Your quality of life is defined by the food you eat and the lifestyle you lead. And you deserve to know what is worth doing as well as what may be standing in your way whether you realize it or not.

Our Nutrition & Lifestyle program is able to be followed on its own or as an add on to your fitness program at Black Wolf.

  • When is the Nutrition & Lifestyle Program Right for You:
    • When you have 10 or more pounds to lose
    • When you have established a workout routine and are ready for the next step
    • When you have trouble sleeping, low energy through your day, brain fog, etc.
    • When you don’t have any idea where to start with food or lifestyle habits
    • When you’ve been told in the past that all you need is a certain supplement or product
    • This is really a good fit for anyone

If you are interested in in anything we offer then I would love to schedule a time for you to come by to chat and to try out a class (if you are interested).

You are always able to reach us at [email protected]