The 2023 Black Wolf Open

The 2023 CrossFit Games Open is just around the corner and this year we are going to continue with our honored tradition of blowing the doors off this place 3 Friday nights in a row.

A quick explanation of how CrossFit HQ runs this annual event:

  • Workouts are released on Thursday night. No one knows that it will be so quite a bit of the fun is the weekly surprise.
  • Athletes have until Monday at 7pm to submit their scores to the worldwide leaderboard (not necessary for the Black Wolf Open)
  • A top percentage from each region move on to quarter finals

Now, we are not in the CrossFit Games arena. We are regular people who love to workout and celebrate what our bodies are capable of. So for us, the Open serves 3 roles:

  • Assess your progress. This can be qualitative (sometimes the Open repeats a workout from a past year so seeing progress is pretty clear. Other times it’s seeing where you end up on the worldwide leaderboard) or Qualitative (being able to Rx for the first time or getting through a workout with that skill that has held you back in the past).
  • Celebrate the Support of the Community. It’s hard to describe but the Open basically creates small little games each of the three Friday nights where your friends are there to cheer you on without judgement. And for many of us, its one of the few times we will have a group of people there who love to just watch you try. Even if you’re a cynical type, it’s hard to deny the energy that fills this place each Friday night.

Cate is heading up this years Open here at Black Wolf and she is bringing some great ideas to the table. We will be announcing the Team Captains and the teams on February 6th, the week before the Open kicks off. This gives us time to get the shirts ordered and printed with the appropriate sizes for each team.

We will have a Gym Leaderboard hung up with the weekly updates posted and highlighting the top scores for each division as well as tracking the points (explained below).


  • -Do the open workout in class
  • -Come do the workout at FNL
  • -Post photos to IG and tag Black Wolf
  • -Participate in Theme of the week
  • -Top 3 RX men/women and top 3 scaled men/women for each event get points


Week 1: Mardi Gras Themed

Week 2: Animal Themed

Week 3: Space Themed


After the last workout on March 3rd, we will be hanging out and enjoying a potluck here at the gym. I will be providing the protein (right now either bbq or fajitas) and teams will be assigned different sides/desserts etc to bring in!

This will also serve as the prize giving ceremony where awards will be given to the top team as well as for Spirit of the Open, Top Team Captain, along with a few surprises.

We will push out more details as they become available. The Open really is a special time of year no matter how reluctant I have been to run it in the past. Y’all always make it a great time. And this year I really want to thank Cate for jumping in and taking the lead!

Let me know if you have any questions.