Your Week of Workouts 091823

Group photo of athletes who attended the 8am on Saturday


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Monday 091823

Warm Up: 3x

100 Single Unders 

15 Wall Balls 

5 Chin Ups 

3 Burpees 

The Strength: Power Clean & Push Jerk

25:00 EMOM

1-2-3-4-5 (95#/65#)

— 2:00 Rest — 

1-2-3-4    (135#/85#)

— 2:00 Rest — 

1-2-3       (155#/100#)

— 2:00 Rest — 

1-2          (175#/110#)

— 2:00 Rest — 

1-1-1-1-1 (HAP)

*You must successfully go tap and go for the full sequence of reps before going up in weight 

The Fun: 7:00 AMRAP

50 Double Unders or Single Unders 


10 Underhand Bent Over Rows (95#/65#)

10 AbMat Lemon Squeezers 

Tuesday 091923

WU: 2x

12/8 Cal Bike 

6 Burpees 

12 Alt DB Snatch (25#/20#)

6 Kipping Swings 

Midline: E3M x3


:15 Push Up Plank Hold 

+ :03 Flat Foot Burpee Landing Hold (Stay Low)

+ :02 Max Height Jump 

+ :05 Reset 

The Fun: 24:00 AMRAP


DBL DB Devil Press (25#/15#)

3 Standing Curl & Press 

And then, 

6 Kipping Pull Ups 

15/10 Cal Bike 

Alleyway Walk 

Wednesday 092023



Cal Row 

12 Air Squats 

Lunge for Stretch 

Gate Run 

And then,

Booty Band Warm Up 

Strength: 3×10 Back Squats 

The Fun: 12:00 AMRAP 

12/8 Cal Row 

24 Sit Ups 

18/12 Russian Twists (45#)

Gate Run 

Thursday 092123



Gate Run

3 Inchworm to Extended Bridge (Walk hands beyond the forehead then back to standing) 

And then, 


“UB” Strict Pull Ups 

Stepback Lunges p/ Leg 

The Fun: 25:00 AMRAP 

18 Jumping Lunges 

9 Ham Assisted Ab Wheels 

Max Band Assisted Strict Pull Ups (>5, <15)


1st: Gate

2nd: Alleyway 

3rd: 400m Run

4th: 600m Run

5th: Back to Gate 

Friday 092223




Alt OH PVC Stepback Lunges 

12 Static Hanging Leg Raises  

The Strength: E3M x5 

2 Hang Snatch (Squat) 

3 Overhead Squats 

The Fun: 10:00 AMRAP

10 Deadlifts (135#85#)

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-to infinity 

Lateral Bar Burpee 

Toes to Bar Or 3 Single Attempts Every Round 


Classes meet at 8am & 9:30am w/ Ben 

The Fun: 28:00 AMRAP

10 Reverse Grip Bench Press

20 Alternating Kb Gorilla Rows 

10 Box Jump Overs 

400m Run 

Rest 2:00 

Sunday Ass & Abs 

Class meets at 9:45am w/ Grace 

The Fun: Juicy Couture 

50 Eye Lvl Kb Swings (53#/35#) 

20 Barbell Push Hip Thrusts (95#/65#) 

— 10 OH Plate Sit Ups (45#/25#)— 


20 Box Step Overs (2×5 p Leg)

— 20 V-Ups— 

30 Deficit Sumo Squats 

20 Barbell Hip Thrusts 

 — 30 Taps (10 Shoulder Taps/10 Knee Taps/10 Toe Taps) 

20 Long Stepback Lunges (10 in a Row p Leg) 

20 Box Step Overs (2×5 p Leg)

— 40 Russian Twists — 

10 Tall Step Ups p. Leg

20 Barbell Hip Thrusts 

— 50 Sit Ups —