Your Week of Workouts 041623

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Monday 041723


Gate Run

And then, 2x 

12 SDHP 

4 Burpees

And then, 


StepBack Lunges 

And then

6/4 Chin Ups

The Fun: Station Work 

4x :90 On/:30 Transition Alternating Stations 

15 SDHP (53#/35#)

+ ME Jumping Lunges (SUB: 3 SB p Leg)

— Rest :30 — 

10 Burpees 

+ ME KB Around the Worlds 

— Rest :30 — 

5x 3 Point Planks 

+ ME Sit Ups 

— Rest 1:00 — 

Tuesday 041823


Gate Run

And then, 


Strict Pull Ups 

4 Push Ups w/ 1 Tap

8 Air Squats 

And then, 

Gate Run

The Fun: Murph Prep

5:00 EMOM*

5 Pull Ups 

10 Push Ups 

15 Air Squats 

And then, 3:00 to Complete

400m Run


** SUB: 3Pull Ups/6 Push Ups/10 Air Squats/Alleyway Run

Wednesday 041923

WU: 3x

Gate Run

10 Eye Lvl Swings 

10 Crossbody Toe Touch 

1 Wall Climb 

5/4 Strict Pull Ups 

The Strength: 20:00 to Work Up

1 Pull (Hang) 

+2 Front Squats

1 Pull (Full)

+ 2 Front Squats 

The Fun: 15:00 AMRAP 

15 Eye Level Swings 

And then, 

7 Staggered Stance Deadlifts (70/53 Right hand to Left Foot)

Suit Case Carry 

5 Staggered Stance Deadlifts (RtoL)

Suit Case Carry

7 Staggered Stance Deadlifts (LtoR)

Suitcase Carry

5 Staggered Stance Deadlifts (LtoR)

Suitcase Carry 

And then, 

10 Handstand Push Ups 

Thursday 042023

The Fun: 25:00 Steady Eddie 

20 Box Step Overs (20”)*

20 Lemon Squeezers

10 Devil Press (35#/25#)

10 DB Push Press 

150 Single Unders

Friday 042123



5 Gentle Kips 

5/5/5 Air Squats 

And then, 2x 

3 Kipping Knee Raises 

3/3/3 Wall Balls (Wide/Regular/Narrow)

The Fun: 20 RFT or 25:00

2 Toes to Bar 

4 Pistols 

6 Wall Balls 

Saturday 042223

Classes meet at 8am & 9:30am w/ Ben

The Fun: For Time 

500m Row

30 Shoulder to Overhead (135#/85#)

400m Run

30 Power Cleans

The Finisher: 5x 

7 BB Hip Thrusts (HAP)

+ 14 DB Bicep Curl