Your Week of Workouts 110722

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Below is your Week of Workouts.

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Monday 110722

Con: 7 Rounds or 30:00 AMRAP

15 Eye Lvl Kb Swings (70#/53#)

3-2-1 p/ Leg

Kb Stepback Lunge

Gate Run

Rest 2:00

Accessorize: 3 Sets

:10 Dbl Kb Bent Over Row Hold 

+14 Alt Gorilla Rows

100 Single Unders 

Rest 1:00 

5-4-3-2-1 p/ Leg

Staggered Stance Dbl Kb Deadlifts

Rest 1:00 

Tuesday 110822

Stamina: For Time


Cal Row 

w/ 400m Walk (No Running)

Con: 4 RFT


DB Thruster p/ Arm (50#/35#)

Toes to Bar

And then, 

50 Sit Ups 

Wednesday 110922

Strength: E3:30M

20 Russian Twists 

+ Back Squats 


Con: E2:30

10 Target Burpees 

40 Double Unders or 40 Singles 

— :50 Limit on Burpees

— :1:30 Limit on Ads 1 & 2, Adjust

Thursday 111022

Con: 5 RNFT

3 Snatch Blance 

OH DB Carry

15/12 HR Push Ups 

DB Front Rack Carry

12 Barbell Curls 

Alleyway Jog or Parking Lot Walk & Talk

Friday 111122

Con: 3 RFT

600m Run

And then, 


Handstand Push Ups

5/3 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 

Saturday 111222

Classes meet at 8am & 9:30am

Con: 4 RFT 

15/10 Cal Bike

10 Power Clean (135#/85#)

5 Tall Box Jumps 

10 Shoulder to Overhead 

15 Jumping Pull Ups 

Rest 3:00