Your Week of Workouts 112822-120422

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Monday 112822

Stamina: For Time

Gate Run

2:00 Rest

Alleyway Run

2:00 Rest

Light Pole Run

2:00 Rest

Alleyway Run

2:00 Rest

Gate Run

Conditioning: For Time 

3 Ring Dips or 5 Bomb Ass Tricep Push Ups


Tall Box Jumps 

Tuesday 112922

Strength: E2:30 x5

7 Front Squats (From the Floor) 

Conditioning: 4 Rounds

1:00 Max Effort Single Arm DB Push Press (Alt e/ 5)

1:00 Max Effort Russian Twists (45#/25#)

1:00 Rest 

Wednesday 113022

Strength: 10:00 Alternating EMOM

1) 5 Power Clean & Push Jerk

2) 30 Double Unders or Singles 

Conditioning: 5 RFT 

7 Deadlifts (225#/155#)

14 Lateral Bar Hops

Gate Run

Thursday 120122

Conditioning: TBD

Friday 120222

Conditioning: 7 RFT 


12 Front Rack Barbell Lunges (135#/85#)

16/11 Cal Row 

Rest 2:00 

Saturday 120322

First Saturday Classes meet at 8am & 9:30am

Everyone is welcome and no sign up is necessary!

Conditioning: 14:00 AMRAP

7 Plate Burpees

14 Plate Ground to Overhead

OH Walking Lunge Down

Lot Run D&B

28 Russian Twists

OH Walking Lunge Back