Your Week of Workouts 122722

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Below is your Week of Workouts.

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Monday 12622

The Fun: Filthy Fifty

50 Box Jumps

50 Jumping Pull Ups

50 Kettlebell Swings (35/26)

50 Walking Lunges

50 Knees to Elbows

50 Push Press (45/35)

50 Anchored Supermans

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders

Tuesday 122722




10 Step Back Lunges

5 Hang DB Snatch p/ Arm

10 Push Ups 

Stamina: 4:00 EMOM x3

:15 – :30 – :45 – :60

Max Cal Row

Rest 2:00 

– Total Cals for Each Round 

The Fun: 12:00 AMRAP

16 Alternating DB Snatch

12 Jumping Lunges 

8/6 Push Ups w/ 1 Tap

Wednesday 122822



Single Unders 

10 Air Squats 

10 Ring Rows

Strength: E2:30 x5

7 Back Squats 

– After EB10-LW 7

The Fun: “Annie” 


Double Unders

Abmat Sit Ups

Thursday 122922


The Fun: 25:00 Steady Eddie*

Max/Casual Calorie Bike 

Every 5:00 x5

20 Reps (50#/35#)

– Max Effort Poor Man’s Incline Bench 

– Max Reps Poor Man’s Flat Bench

– Remainder of Reps as Push Up w/ 2 Taps

15 Box Jumps (24”/20”)

10 Pull Ups**

** Max Unbroken Strict to Start Each Round and then Finish the remainder of the 10 with Kipping Pull Ups

Friday 123022

WU: 2x

20 Step Ups 

20 Shoulder Taps

15 Wall Balls

15 Lemon Squeezers

5 Lateral Step Ups p/ Leg

5 Chin Ups 

StrenCon: C&J

2x 1 Minute On 1 Minute Off p/ Weight

Max Unbroken C&J

@95/65 – Goal is Cycling and/or Working in Multiple Sets 

At 3:00, Rest 2:00 and Change Weight

@135/85 – Starting with Sets and Moving to Singles 

At 6:00, Rest 2:00 and Change Weight 

@155/95 – Whatever you got with Singles being viable for the whole time 

At 9:00, 15 Minutes to Work Up to the Heaviest 1 RM C&J

The Fun: For Time

10 Deadlifts at Heaviest C&J Achieved


Handstand Push Ups 

Saturday 123122 – New Years Eve Workout 

The Fun: 3 Rounds 

800m Run

30 Wall Balls 

And then, 


OH Sit Ups

12 Russian Twists